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Geometric Yoga for Self-healing

Pregnancy and Self-Care

For every phase of motherhood
With Yoga Instructor Horacio Roa

First Class FREE

Mondays and Thursdays: 6:45-7:45PM
Registering required! Text or Call Horacio to save your space and make sure the class is ON: 530-790-5167

"A Perfect Balance Yoga"
412 D Street
Marysville, CA.

Class Description:
Class is suitable and safe for the time of pregnancy and after birth. Precise information is provided about the health benefits of each yoga posture, and after the class we dedicate a few minutes to questions about how to improve any health issue with yoga and other natural methods or tools.

Best Recommendations:

-Yoga Postures for pregnancy are not particularly special than the regular classes. The safety of the posture will be related to your level of attention, strenght, and relaxation. The recommendation for doing any type of exercise during this special time is that you don't go too far beyond what your body feels as a limit.

For more information about Horacio's Yoga Classes, visit his website at

Class Price:
$10 per class (1 hour session)
Classes are Discounted to Women's Circle patients who are receiving prenatal care | Suggested donation: $5.