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Midwife Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Preparation Classes, Yuba City - Marysville

Taking a childbirth preparation class is a great way to prepare for the upcoming labor and birth. By learning about what happens to your body in labor you will have a better understanding of the process, have less fear in labor and be overall better prepared to cope in labor and have a more positive experience. That being said, as women our bodies and physiology are designed for the process of labor and birth to happen successfully or we would not exist as a species. Some women do very well in labor by simply letting go and relaxing, using prayer or just having faith in the process.

Childbirth classes are always encouraged in any case and can give you a big advantage especially if this is your first baby. Fremont Hospital offers a free, all day hospital based class that will orient you and your partner to the labor and delivery area, the process of labor, hospital routines and procedures, breastfeeding helps, relaxation and breathing techniques to help with labor pain, as well as an overview of pain relief options in labor including IV medicines and epidural anesthesia. The best time to take this class would be in the third trimester or end of your pregnancy, this way the information is fresh in your mind to help you in labor when you need it. Please call Fremont Labor and Delivery 530-751-4165 for more information and to sign up for a class later in your pregnancy.

Yuba City Nurse Midwife Services

When I was pregnant I wanted more one on one care from someone who I could bond with and who would be there when it was time to have the baby. Angela was so patient and kind. She took extra time to counsel and help me with all problems and concerns not only in my life but also with my baby. The day I had my daughter I was in the office for a check-up, and she noticed that I was dilated over a month early. Even though I had to have an emergency C-section, when I woke up Angela was there to check on me and the baby. Her actions and kindness are the reason most of the women in my family insist on midwives, and why I will be seeing Angela at her new practice with any other children I have in the future.
Samantha R. - Yuba City, CA

Another free and helpful class offered at Fremont Hospital is a Breastfeeding Preparation class that can be helpful to first time mothers and also moms who have encountered difficulties with nursing in the past to be more successful this time around. There is also a free Infant CPR class can help you prepare and deal with life threatening emergencies such as choking with your new baby.
Call 530-751-4165 to sign up for these classes and more information.

Women's Circle Classes

We are now offering complimentary prenatal yoga classes to our clients evenings at 6:00 PM rotating Tuesdays or Thursdays. Patients can call the office if you would like to participate (530) 751-2273 for more information.




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